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CRNK Genetic Helmet

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1. Design

o Crank Strap & Divider

-Stable thickness strap and crank divider are optimized for riding.


o Magnetic buckle

-Magnetically attached buckle that automatically attaches and attaches when you get close to it


o Up/down adjuster

-The optimized up and down rear adjuster can be adjusted up and down in 3 steps to fit the head.


o Aerodynamic + Road Cycling Helmet Design

- The shape of a competitor's aero helmet + Structures specialized for road cycling heat emission

-> Hidden ventilation structure [Minimize air resistance]

> Rear wide ventilation [Maximizing thermal emissions]


o Bio-Design Inspired Helmet Design


2. Safety

- KC certification, a Korean safety helmet certification.

- CE certification, an EU Safety Integration Certification.


Colours :Colours : Black,White

SIZE (cm)

-> M: 52~56cm (Width * Vertical* Height: 19cm * 25cm * 15cm)

-> L: 57~62cm (Width * Vertical* Height: 21cm * 27cm * 16cm)