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CRNK New Artica Koroyd Helmet

SKU: Black / M(54-57cm)59
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1. Design

o Crank Strap & Divider

: Stable thickness strap and crank divider are optimized for riding.


o Magnetic buckle

- Magnetically attached buckle that automatically attaches and attaches when you get close to it


o Up/down adjuster

- The optimized up and down rear adjuster can be adjusted up and down in 3 steps to fit the head.


o Premium inner soft pad

-The premium inner pad with memory foam safely supports any head, and it is detachable for easy washing management.


o Excellent ventilation and heat dissipation

: The KOROYD tube assembly passes the wind blowing from the front as it is, ventilating the heat inside the helmet and discharging the heat generated from the head quickly.


2. Safety

o Certification

- KC certification, a Korean safety helmet certification.


o Reflective Stickers

: Enjoy night riding without fear with reflective stickers on both sides that reflect more clearly in the dark.


o Helmet Weight

- M size: 210g / L size: 230g (+ACC Weight: 50g)


Size (cm)

o Size of this product

-> M: 54-57cm

-> L :58-62cm


o How to measure the size

1. Select the largest size by checking the circumference of the head several times with a tape measure centering on the highest part of the forehead.

2. If you have an Asian head (if you have a large side head), choose a size that is 1-2cm larger than the checked size.


*Do drop by our shop to give it a try.

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