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Maxxis Inner Tube 27.5" Schrader Valve (27.5x1.75/2.4 : 44/61-584)

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Maxxis produces professional-quality long-lasting innertubes. Please observe the following recommendations to ensure a great experience.

This Maxxis tube features a removable valve core, which allows you to add a liquid sealant for additional flat protection.

To add sealant, simply remove the valve core by turning it counter-clockwise. Use a valve core removal tool or a small pair of pliers. Add your preferred liquid sealant to the tube and reinstall the valve core by turning it clockwise. Be careful not to over tighten as this can damage the valve core. It is also puncture resistant.

Type : Maxxis Inner Tube 27.5 inch Schrader Valve (48mm)

Size : 27.5x1.75/2.4 : 44/61-584

Thickness : 0.8MM Thick Walls